Who are we?

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Cultuur Lokaal is a collaboration between the Waterwolf laboratories (Haagse Hogeschool lectoraat Society and ICT by Dick Rijken and three cultural institutions in Gouda: the Public Library Gouda, the Regional archive Central-Holland, Museum GoudA) and The Patchingzone in The Netherlands.

We are working with professionals in the three cultural institutions to investigate new opportunities for collaborations with (in)formal local networks. The Cultuur Lokaal project aims to inspire the cultural institutes to explore new ways to engage with the people in the street and local networks. We aim to address contemporary issues connected with the re-positioning of cultural institutes in the digital age. The investigation deals with the changing relation between professionals in the institutes and their audience as well as the role of the institutes in society. The work should encourage audience interaction and will be positioned where the museum and library rooms intersect with public and virtual space. The project will be developed according to a user-centred or participatory design approach. The project’s thematic focus is media formats, local identity and audience participation. The physical location for the project workspace is in Gouda. A small group of six dedicated and prolific Master / PhD students from very different backgrounds is working together for 6 months on the theme of ‘local identity and the connection between the physical and virtual environment’.

The students and researchers represent a range of disciplines, nationalities and cultural backgrounds: Piotr Adamczyk (US) Library and Information Science and Human Factors, Vincent Akkermans (NL) Music Technology, Marcia Nancy Mauro-Flude (AU/NL) Media Design and Performing arts, Mirella Misi (BR/NL) Performing Arts, Corinna Pape (DE) Performance and Game Theory, Vivian Wenli Lin (US/NL) Video art / Video Documentary. Their mentors: Kristina Andersen (DK/NL) Interactive Design, Virtual Environments, Marc Boon (NL) Industrial Design, Sandra Fauconnier (BE/NL) Art History, Architecture, Lyndsey Housden (UK/NL) Fine Art, Art Science, Anne Nigten (NL) Media-art, Philosophy.

They all work together with the staff members of the Gouda cultural institutes who all have varied backgrounds as well; Pim Bolsterlee (NL) Social Work, Library Studies, Rosemarie de Heij (NL) Library Mangement, Carolyt Koops (NL) Library and Information Studies, Humanities, Jan Willem Klein (NL) Dutch language and literature, Arjan van 't Riet (NL) History and Civics, Hans Vogels (NL) Art History, Ellie Wout (NL) Library Programme, Julia Zwijnenburg (NL) Museology and others. Their project manager is Natasja Wehman (NL) she has a background in Arts Policy.

The anticipated project result is expected to be a well researched and documented, interactive experience in Gouda’s (semi) public space. We will have the opportunity and the technological backup to work creatively with high-tech materials, digital media and information technology but use of technology is not a requirement in itself. The final project will be presented during a special public summer event in Gouda in July or August 2008, and there will be an opportunity to present papers or documentation of the research in a professional symposium in the early summer of 2008.

More info www.patchingzone.net and www.waterwolflab.nl

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